August 9, 2023

Booking a Restaurant Buyout: Plan a Night to Remember

DASHA dining room

Life's biggest milestones call for grand celebrations. 

Whether you’re blowing out candles for a birthday, raising a glass at your engagement party, throwing a lavish company party, or ringing in the new year, your best option could very well be booking a restaurant.

Booking a restaurant for your large-scale private event is a great way to accommodate your sizable guest list (we know you've got lots of friends!) while ensuring everyone feels comfortable in a private space. 

There are more benefits you may not have considered, so let's dive right in! 

4 Reasons You Should Be Booking A Restaurant

1. Space Is Not An Issue

We know you've got a long guest list of family and friends that you'd love to have in attendance at your event. When you opt to hold your private event at a restaurant, you open up significant space to accommodate your nearest and dearest.

Nothing kills the fun quite like having to exclude people for space-related reasons. When you book a restaurant, you can feel confident this won’t be an issue. There’s also something to be said for having the space all to yourselves!

2. Unlimited Menu Options

Going the restaurant buyout route gives you tons of menu choices. While it’s fair to say it’s the people that get us out the door, it’s also fair to say the food is often the reason we stay and enjoy the night! 

At DASHA, you are bound to experience love at first bite when you indulge in our delectable pan-Asian cuisines curated by Executive Chef Hans Vogels. The canapes and dim sum alone are more than enough to kickstart your appetite for the rest of the dinner. Deck your tables with chicken katsu baos, beef satay, wasabi prawns, and Korean BBQ fried chicken. 

The night ages like fine wine when you treat your guests to vibrant cocktails enjoyed with luxurious servings of Wagyu striploin and Peking duck. Of course, you can't forgo the DASHA fried rice and heirloom tomato on the side!

Pan-Asian cuisine served with chopsticks

3. All About the Ambiance

Booking a restaurant is an opportunity to celebrate in style. If sophisticated Asian glam is your cup of tea, then DASHA has what you're looking for.  

Our multifaceted dining experience traverses a main dining room, private dining areas, semi-private booths, karaoke rooms, and even a hidden speakeasy. With each area elegantly decorated to mirror the enigmatic wonder of Asia, you'll be transported to your dream destinations with every bite of our signature dishes. You should be booking a restaurant that reflects the importance of your celebration—we offer exactly that! 

4. Endless Entertainment Possibilities

The possibilities are endless when you’re booking a restaurant all to yourself. 

You can do all sorts of things you’d probably never do at a crowded restaurant, like bust out some card games, get a little rowdy, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, turn the evening into a full-blown karaoke party

If that last idea excites you, then the good news is you and your guests can sing your favourite songs in our fully-equipped karaoke rooms. Serenade your friends with 21st-century hits or classics that never get old—the choice is yours! 

Restaurant Buyout Options At DASHA  

The Main Floor

The main floor is where the action happens. This is the heart of DASHA, and certainly a great option if you’re looking into booking a restaurant.

It features a standing dining capacity of 90 and a standing capacity of 160. This would be better suited for larger-scale private events. If you’re going for something a little more traditional with a focus on food, then this is the way to go.

The Second Floor

Marvel at the view of the bustling main dining room while you wine and dine on DASHA's second floor. This will take your private event to the next level—pun intended.

This buyout option includes a private dining room, a private bar, five karaoke rooms, and private washrooms. It has a standing capacity of 75 people. If you go this route when booking, you’ll no doubt appreciate the options and variety at your disposal. 

The Full Venue

As far as restaurant buyout ideas go, this one is best for larger birthday parties, engagement soirees, wedding receptions, corporate awards ceremonies and fundraiser events, or even filming or shooting a feature for a campaign. 

Let your festivities fill up the main dining room, the second floor, and Judy's speakeasy. Not only will you feel incredibly cool after booking the whole place for yourselves, but you won’t have to worry about space at your private event for even a minute. 

Dining area at DASHA

Your Guestlist + Booking a Restaurant = An Unforgettable Night

Now that you know all the reasons why you should consider booking a restaurant—and what options are available for booking at DASHA—we have one all-important question: what are you waiting for?

Our take on pan-Asian dining is an ode to the culture-rich scapes of the largest continent in the world. When paired with our exciting karaoke rooms, you’re undoubtedly in for a night to remember after booking our restaurant. 

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