July 26, 2023

5 Toronto Date Night Ideas

A dimly lit restaurant and a glass of white wine in the foreground

Healthy relationships are built on respect, trust, communication, honesty, friendship, kindness, empathy—and fun date nights, of course! 

Daytime dates are great, but exploring the city once the sun sets is an adventurous way to see things only the night can reveal. Toronto may be beautiful under the sun, but it's absolutely breathtaking under the moonlight. 

Try out these five Toronto date night ideas and fall deeper in love! 

    1. Watch a Movie at the TIFF Bell Lightbox

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is a global cinematic event that takes place at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in the beating heart of downtown. 

While the main event takes place in September, the TIFF Bell Lightbox shows movies all-year-round. Why not spice things up by watching a timeless restored film or an innovative indie movie instead of a mainstream box-office hit? 

Movies remain a date-night staple for a reason: they’re fun, intimate, and allow you to enjoy each other’s company. With all that being said, you’ve probably never seen a movie like this before—prepared to be amazed! 

 Two people holding popcorn while watching a film in a movie theatre

Image source: Unsplash

2. Sing Couple's Karaoke

Speaking of talent, you don't have to have the vocal prowess of Ariana Grande or Bruno Mars to have a good time at the karaoke bar. In this sacred space of music and diverse vocal quality, all that matters is having the courage to sing!

Are you brave enough to hit (or miss) those G10s? Either way, date night will be filled with laughter if you spend it at DASHA's deluxe karaoke bar

Order appetizers and cocktails to fuel yourselves for hours of couple's karaoke. You'll no doubt be singing until you run out of songs—or until the aroma of General Tao chicken pulls you away from the microphone! 

3. Get Dinner at DASHA

Whether you get the munchies before or after your karaoke session, it would be a crime to miss out on a fantastic dinner at DASHA. As far as Toronto date night ideas go, we can promise you this one will be the tastiest. 

You and your love can relish in a stunning main dining room that looks like it was transported straight out of the majestic cityscapes of Shanghai. Your taste buds are in for a culinary awakening thanks to an appetizing menu curated by Executive Chef Hans Vogels. 

The contemporary and romantic ambiance envelopes the harmonious aromas and flavours that make DASHA DASHA. Don’t miss out on that General Tao chicken, smoked salmon inari, tenderloin, truffle fried rice, and coffee crisp panna cotta.

Hey, this might even become your go-to date night spot! 

Two people having dinner together at DASHA

4. Take A Helicopter Tour  

A wise person once said that loving someone isn't just about looking at each other, but about looking in the same direction. Incorporate this into the most enchanting (and literal) date night experience possible: a helicopter ride above Toronto

Among all the wonderful late-night date ideas in Toronto, this one will invite you to face your fear of heights (because who doesn’t have a fear of heights?). You see this city every day, but have you ever admired it from a bird's eye view? 

As you fly over famous landmarks like the CN Tower and Lake Ontario, even the most mundane traffic lights will begin to look like glitter. The Distillery District, Kensington Market, St. Lawrence Market, the islands—you’ll have the best view in the city!

5. Brave a Haunted Walk 

Toronto is a mature city that has seen the passage of time from circa 230 years back, making it the perfect avenue to embark on a historical haunted walking tour. This is a different kind of history than what you’ll get at the Royal Ontario Museum.

The best ghost-themed places to brave include the Original Haunted Walk and the Haunted Walk of Toronto. You'll be screaming, laughing, and crying tears of fear as you hunt for ghosts and hear hair-raising tales of way back when. 

Prepare for a lot of hand-holding—in an “I'll-crush-your-hand-if-you-let-go-because-I'm-scared” kind of way. Ah, romance at its finest! 

DASHA: The Ultimate Date Night Destination

There you have it: five Toronto date night ideas!

We wouldn’t fault you for deciding to try them all out. No matter which you decide to try first, we recommend including DASHA in your plans—it’s hard to find a similar combination of karaoke, great food, and atmosphere anywhere else! 

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