August 23, 2023

The Best Private Karaoke Rooms in Toronto

a woman singing into a mic at a private karaoke room

Few things bring people together quite like a songbook and a microphone. 

Karaoke bars are beloved around the world for good reason. They’re some of the most fun places on Earth to spend an evening with your friends, whether you're celebrating a big occasion or just want bottomless bites after work.

Now, with all that being said, you’re probably wondering which bar is best. Well, rather than typing “cheap karaoke Toronto” or “private karaoke rooms near me” into Google and hoping for the best, we’ve got all the information you need here! 

Keep reading to learn more about six of our favourites in the city. 


Karaoke is a universal language that DASHA speaks fluently. Reinventing the way self-professed singers enjoy this pastime, DASHA is driven by extravagant karaoke rooms and premium service. Who wouldn't want to be treated like royalty? 

Seasoned microphone pros know it’s about more than just the music. Karaoke night should be a sensory experience—well it certainly is at DASHA, anyway. Each of their private rooms boasts a unique theme designed by a talented local artist. So artsy! 

Each karaoke room can seat 10 to 12 guests and is equipped with sophisticated karaoke machines and microphones for a flawless sound journey. Perfect for birthday bashes, after parties, or office events. 

Speaking of unique themes, DASHA highlights the sublime essence of Asia through its interior design and menu. Have a feast for your ears and your palate while you sip on artisanal cocktails and munch on delicious fusion cuisines in between timeless hit songs.  

There’s no bias here at all: they’re number one for a reason.  

A variety of Pan-Asian dishes at DASHA

2. Echo Karaoke

Echo is a great choice if you're looking for diverse karaoke rooms—couples on date night to groups of 25 people can have a great time here. There aren’t many places you’re going to find that can accommodate such a wide range of parties.

Check out the different rooms they offer and who is best suited to book them: 

  • Audition Room (seats up to 6 people) 
  • Rehearsal Room (seats up to 12 people) 
  • Showtime Room (seats up to 15 people) 
  • Grand Stage Room (seats up to 25 people)

Of course, the room only matters if the other elements are there. Fortunately, there are thousands of songs to choose from and plenty of food to order, too. Chow down on some kimchi fries, onion rings, and mozza sticks as you sing up an appetite! 

3. Shout Karaoke

Karaoke bars are one of the few places where you can shout into a microphone without being judged—and definitely the only place where it’s encouraged! 

Shout is the ideal place to kick back with a bottle of soju in hand. This Korean-inspired venue has everything you’d want from a karaoke bar, but stands out for having one of the most extensive jukeboxes we’ve ever heard. 

Seriously, take this in: they offer over 40,000 songs in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Filipino, French, Thai, Korean, and more. Shout in all languages!

4. On the Rocks

On the Rocks is one of the oldest—yet goldest—karaoke bars in Toronto. Their customers have been belting out songs for 32 years and counting.  

This classic offers great food and an even greater karaoke experience. Being around since the early '90s, there is rich history embedded in the songbooks. However, On the Rocks' crown jewel is their fresh and seasonal selection of dishes. 

The long and the short of it is if your evening plans are on the rocks, you might want to consider a little trip to this establishment. Sorry, we couldn't resist.

People celebrating with sparklers and a bowl of punch

5. Dolphin Karaoke

If you love dolphins (or sing like one), then Dolphin Karaoke is calling your name.

While they may not have actual dolphins, this karaoke utopia is the place to be for an immersive disco experience. Play around with light-up tambourines while you sing at the top of your lungs to the most popular English and Korean tunes. 

If you’re attending more for the alcoholic beverages than the singing, then happy hour is the best time to jump into their karaoke pool. Doesn’t this just sound like an amazing idea for a birthday party you’ll never forget? 

6. Bar + Karaoke Lounge

If you're hosting a party of 30, you'll have a blast at Bar + Karaoke Lounge

Aside from serenading your guests and vice versa, this is the perfect place to indulge in a full-service bar brimming with cocktails, beers, martinis, and more. They have all the drinks your people could ever want. 

This is an iconic karaoke destination that is sure to leave you feeling like you’re lounging in luxury. We might go so far as to say you’ll feel like a rockstar—we’ll let the people decide whether or not you sing like one, though. 

Dim sum and a sashimi platter served at DASHA

DASHA: Fluent in the Universal Language of Karaoke

There you have it: our roundup of the best private karaoke rooms in Toronto

If you’re looking for great food, drinks, and plenty of songs to sing, then any of these six choices will be well worth your time. 

However, with that being said, we’re going to go out on a limb and say no one does it quite like DASHA! We have the food, the art, the atmosphere, and the music, of course—you’re in for a night to remember when you walk through our doors! 

Is it fair we crowned ourselves the winner? Find out for yourself by booking a prime private karaoke room in Toronto today! 

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