July 12, 2023

Why Book DASHA For Your TIFF Opening Night Party

The facade of a movie theater

The Toronto International Film Festival—famously known as TIFF—is one of the biggest cinematic events on the planet. 

TIFF lives up to its mission of transforming the way people see the world through film. With an average annual attendee count of nearly 500,000 people, it’s the place to be for an enriching film culture experience. But what about the opening night party

There are no doubt plenty of venues to choose from, but at the end of your search you’ll find your answer is clear: DASHA. Now keep reading to learn why! 

The Ultimate TIFF Opening Night Party Venue

It’s a Celebration of Multiculturalism

Who said escaping on otherworldly adventures was just for the movies? 

Dinner, wine-sipping, and unwinding—do all three and more at DASHA in a kaleidoscope of Asian cuisines sure to take your taste buds to amazing places. 

The upscale Pan-Asian culinary experience DASHA brings to the (dining) table is truly the cherry on top of a TIFF opening night. World-renowned executive chefs Akira Back and Hans Vogels will have you and your guests in for a fantastic ride. 

This multiculturalism extends to the aesthetics, too. DASHA is designed with chic décor that mirrors the fascinatingly beautiful regions of Asia. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself wanting to take a photo around every corner. 

Award-worthy films and an award-worthy restaurant; it's a perfect match.  

It’s a Not-So-Secret Speakeasy

If you’re interested in throwing a more private TIFF opening night party, then Judy's is most definitely speaking your language.

Judy's is a private cocktail reception cut from the same elegant cloth as DASHA. This mysterious yet well-known speakeasy boasts ancient Chinese architecture and a vast space that accommodates up to 74 standing guests. 

It’s a luxurious private space that comes together as an all-rounder with an in-house sound system, coffee and cruiser tables, masterfully mixed cocktails, and delectable dishes guaranteed to satisfy your palate. 

A group of friends toasting their cocktails over a table filled with Asian cuisines

It’s a Karaoke Kind of Night

What better way to conclude a TIFF night than with karaoke? 

Your eyes and mind were well-fed with fantastic films, so now it's time to let your voice do the talking (or singing, rather). DASHA is the only party venue in Toronto that provides guests with five elite karaoke rooms to choose between. 

There’s no doubt about it: a lavish place like DASHA is bound to get the good times flowing as your voices harmonize to the beat of your excitement. 

It Offers a Diversely Delicious Menu

We suppose you already guessed, but just for emphasis, it is our duty to let you know that DASHA is synonymous with delicious.

Just picture the perfect Asian feast: succulent pork belly baos and fiery black dragon dumplings as the opening act. Then, grilled yellowfin tuna, Dan Dan noodles, and wagyu striploin shine as the main act. Surprise: Raw dishes like the spicy king salmon rolls and sashimi platter serve as the plot twists. Finally, roll the credits with heirloom tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, and wok-fried mushrooms alongside your beverage of choice.  

We have a feeling that once you get a taste of DASHA's world-class cuisines, you're surely going to be gushing about the food as much as the enthralling movies!

A person holding a glass of wine next to a bowl of Brussels sprouts

A Terrific TIFF Opening Night

If TIFF were an outfit, DASHA would be the hat that beautifully caps things off.

Raise a toast to one of the most spectacular events in the movie industry by indulging in the fun-filled, food-filled, and elegance-filled essence of DASHA. We offer upscale services and meticulously prepared meals, all wrapped up in a million-dollar oriental ambiance.

Contact us for more information about our restaurant buyout options—you’re in for a TIFF opening night party of a lifetime!

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