June 28, 2023

6 Reasons to Have a Karaoke Birthday Party

A guest singing karaoke at DASHA

Whether you have a voice like Adele or are better off sticking to lip syncing, a karaoke birthday party is always a good idea. 

Seriously, who better to celebrate with than your nearest and dearest and a microphone willing to hear every melodious (or not-so-melodious) note? There’s no better way to turn a year older than by singing like no one’s watching.

While we're sure we already had you at "hello" (yes, Adele/Jerry Maguire pun intended), we've rounded up the top six reasons to tell you why this is such an awesome idea! 

    1. Interactive Quality Time

Why talk about your birthday when you can sing about it? 

A karaoke birthday party is a fun and interactive way to celebrate yet another legendary year with your family and friends. You’ll all have a ball singing along to your favourite karaoke-worthy songs, making it a musical event for the books.   

Music is a universal language we all speak—some more off-key than others. You can make the event even more fun by adding some karaoke party games, or stick to the tried-and-true plan of taking turns singing. Prepare for fun!   

A group of friends eating dim sum and drinking wine at a restaurant

    2. Sing, Eat, Drink, Repeat

Karaoke bars usually offer a wide array of food and drinks. You need to stay fuelled and hydrated to belt out those high notes all night long!

Find the perfect fusion of extravagance and contemporary cool at DASHA. Pair your drink with a serving of charred shishito peppers, spring rolls, crispy lobster tacos, Wagyu beef rolls, and millionaire fried rice. Just remember not to sing with your mouth full! 

    3. The More, the Merrier

Karaoke birthday parties allow celebrants to keep their guest lists relatively long, as space typically isn't an issue. 

Private karaoke rooms at DASHA can accommodate up to 10 guests, and are even available as add-ons to Judy's speakeasy. You’ll appreciate the privacy if you want to keep your vocal talents (or lack thereof) hidden from the rest of the restaurant. 

    4. Theme Potential

Are we ever really too old for playing dress-up? Do we really have to wait for Halloween before we throw on a costume? Of course not!

Themes and karaoke decorations can take your party to the next level. Ask your event attendees to get glammed up for Hollywood night, get dressed down for an outdoor pyjama party, or get dipped in glitter for an '80s-themed soiree. Check out this list of karaoke theme ideas or use a karaoke theme generator for inspiration if you’re stuck! 

    5. Hear The Music You Love

Everyone knows that parties need music. However, chances are you’ve been to a party where the music stunk and experienced the vibe-crushing effect of a bad playlist. 

When you throw a karaoke birthday party, you’re guaranteed to hear the music you love because you’re in control of the selections! Sure, you’ll probably have to make a few concessions for your friends, but that’s okay, right?

Here’s a list of karaoke birthday songs if you need some ideas!

    6. Sing The Night Away—Literally

Nothing kills the fun faster than being rushed out of the venue. People have jobs and schedules, but why not go somewhere open late? 

Unlike traditional cafés and restaurants, karaoke bars are conventionally open much later into the night. This way, you can keep your personal music festival going until you're all partied out or until your vocal cords tap out. Karaoke queens and kings never sleep!

A punch bowl cocktail mixture and friends cheers-ing

The Karao-key to a Happy Birthday  

Friends, family, great food, drinks, and, of course, singing—what’s not to love? 

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable dinner and an epic karaoke birthday party at DASHA, where culinary excellence and superior entertainment converge. We’re one of the premier spots to celebrate in King West, Toronto’s most exciting nightlife district.

Give us a call to learn more or book an event space for a grand birthday festivity. 

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