Dining Room

About Chef Akira Back

Born in Korea and raised in Aspen, Colorado, a former professional snowboarder turned Michelin-Starred award winning chef.

Chef Akira Back adds a sense of adventure and whim to his culinary creations. Encompassing the same euphoria from his snowboard to the kitchen, every dish is engrossing and embracing. His menus are a melting pot of culture, which present each guest with his stories and expressions that can be enjoyed and appreciated on a personal level. His passion is to provide a food and beverage experience that is unique and leaves people emotionally connected with aspects of his food, personality and life.

With 15 restaurants currently open worldwide in cities such as Las Vegas, Dubai, Singapore, Toronto, Seoul and another 10 restaurants set to open in the next 2 years in cities such as Paris, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas and Boston, Chef Akira Back has a global reach that is unmatched. Through his national and international locations, he has been able to bring diverse culinary influences acquired during his upbringing and through his global travels around the world through his illustrious 20-year culinary career. His restaurants create a culture of wonders that can only be experienced through taste and sight.

DASHA on King St. West will be where a new world of dining and entertainment awaits.