Karaoke Bar

An Elevated Karaoke Bar Experience

At DASHA, we understand that a premium karaoke experience requires a premium setting. That’s why each of our private karaoke rooms are designed with luxurious leather seating, high-quality sound equipment, and extravagantly themed decor.

There’s space for the entire crew, with rooms accommodating up to 10 people with our custom made L-shaped leather lounges. With ample space to stretch out and perform, your adoring fans can dance along with you should the mood strike.

Our karaoke rooms are available through reservations & walk-ins. No rooms available when you arrive? Why not sit at the bar and grab a drink or a delicious appetizer at our Noodle Bar while you wait. The night is yours!

A World of Karaoke at Your Fingertips

Karaoke is all about singing with friends along to your favourite songs, and when your favourite tune is missing, it can throw you off your game. That’s why we have brought together a huge library of songs from every genre so you’ll always have something to rock out to.

Feel like belting out the latest dance hit? We’ve got you covered. Classic Rock more your speed? Consider it done. Have a favourite J-Pop song that you always do for karaoke? It’s there waiting for you. With thousands of songs to choose from, everyone will be able to show off their skills on the microphone.

DASHA is pleased to offer a wide variety of languages for our karaoke experience, including; English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean.